Orlando Nonprofit Alliance Workshop

The Orlando Nonprofit Alliance and Nova Southeastern University held a great workshop on grant writing and fundraising basics. I was honored to be asked to present Beyond The Bake Sale: Fundraising 101. There was only so much I could cover in only 50 minutes, but I touched on the major points of the fundraising cultivation cycle of identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship. Rosso’s Concentric Circle Constituency Model is a lot of words, but the concept is simple: build your donor core and add layers as you grow your donor base. Hum? I see a future post on this topic. Stay tuned.

IMG_8243 (1)

I am shown here (far left) during the panel discussion along with (left to right)

Ben Hoyer – Founder and Director of Downtown Credo and President/COO of Rally

Dr. Roxana Ross, Ed.D, MBA, GPC – NSU’s Grant Writing Manager

Charise Liburd – CNP, MPA, PhD Candidate – Senior Program Manager at OCCC

The purpose of Orlando Nonprofit Alliance is to network, collaborate, and share information about and among nonprofit organizations, their members and other key stakeholders. Thank you for letting me share about fundraising and the joy of giving.

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