Dr. Gloria Pickar – National Philanthropy Day Honoree

Dr. Gloria PickarDr. Gloria Pickar’s motto is “just ask”. She is being honored at National Philanthropy Day as an YMCA of Central Florida Volunteerism Honoree for her service on the Art and History Museums Maitland Board of Directors. I had the honor of interviewing her for a video to be shown at NPD event. I was struck by her grace and passion for the A&H Museums’ mission.

“Something I learned very early on in my professional career was one of the ways you get things done is to quote, unquote just ask,” said Dr. Pickard during the interview. “And so I believe that if you have something you’re really passionate about and if you can explain that passion and describe it effectively to initially close relationships that you have, personal relationships, and you’re able to tell stories about it, personal stories about it. And then if you just ask for the donation and you ask big, you can be very successful at it. I don’t hesitate to ask. I actually find it’s easier to ask for a thousand dollars or more than it is to ask for a hundred dollars.”

Dr. Pickar’s nomination was made because of her passionate advocacy for board development, and ability to work with staff to engage others in the fundraising process. She leads by example, contributing generously of her time and treasure. As residents of Maitland for 38 years, Gloria and her late husband, Roger, are sustaining supporters of A&H and its Landmark Society. She serves as a connector, sharing her passion for the organization with friends and colleagues, and encouraging them to join her in support of the museums. She actively relates personal stories about how the Maitland Art Center has impacted our community and her family. Dr. Pickar is a fantastic example for the community in excellence in volunteerism. Congratulations! The NPD breakfast celebration of the giving spirit will be held on November 1 at the Ritz Carlton. Proceeds benefit the Association of Fundraising Professionals Central Florida promoting ethical fundraising through educational programing, advocacy and membership support services.

Tickets now available.  http://www.afpcentralflorida.org/npd/default.aspx

Want to learn how to get your board fired p for fundraising, contact me for an appointment.

Mary Lee Walker




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