The Dating Game

The_Dating_GameFact: Fundraising is about building relationships. This fact got me thinking about how dating is building a relationship. A basic logic sequence goes like this; since A is B, and B is C, then A is C. So therefore, fundraising is like dating. Here’s the analogy:

Blind Date – This donor donated because a friend pressured them and probably won’t make another one.

The One Night Stand – This donor got drunk at a gala, bought an auction item, and hopes the organization doesn’t call them again.

First Date – This donor made an initial donation because they have an interest in the mission of the organization.

Going Steady – This donor donates monthly through your organization’s online portal.

Marriage –This is a donor who is invested in your organization to have and to hold, through sickness and in health.

Separation – This donor is on your Last Year But Not This Year (LYBNTY) list that you would love to have them come back.

Divorce – This donor is on your lapsed donor list, that leaves you shaking your head wondering what went wrong.

As a small shop nonprofit, you need your Board of Directors to play matchmaker and help you to build relationships. Still need help? Contact me at 407.460.5292 or I can help.

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