Who’s on your board?

Most small nonprofits that I know have difficulty recruiting for their board of directors. When the founder is still the executive leader and/or the organization is in the startup phase, often board members are friends. That’s a great way to start, of course. How do you get beyond that start up phase? Who do you recruit?

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Every board is different. There is no set formula. Board Source has a good resource for putting together a board matrix. A good board mix would have a variety of skill set, age, ethnicity. A good mixture of board members makes for better over governance. Diversity of members makes for unique perspectives. Recruitment-Matrix

Who do you want on your board? Here are some suggestions on who to look for:

  • A lawyer can give you advice on contracts, employee or other legal issues.
  • An accountant can be useful to serve as treasurer.
  • A wealth manager or banker can steer you in the right director for investment purposes and contacts in the community.
  • A marketer or public relations professional is very valuable for putting together a communication and marketing plan.
  • A person who has expertise in your program. For example, if you are a health based nonprofit, look for a doctor. If you are education focused, recruit a teacher.

What you don’t want are boards members who:

  • Join to pad their resume. They will flame out.
  • Join just because you throw a good party and are in it for the social life. Once the parties gone, they will be too.
  • Are talked into joining, or worst coerced. Again, expect flame out syndrome.
  • Are members of many other boards. Their time, attention and financial support will be spread too thin.

If you need figuring out who you should be recruiting, call me for a free consultation.

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