2017 Nonprofit Compensation Report

2017centralfloridanonprofitcompensationandbenefitsslideshow-170630140609-page-001The Edyth Bush Institute of Nonprofit Management and Leadership at Rollins College has rolled out the 2017 Central Florida Nonprofit Benefits and Compensation Report. This report summarizes information gleaned from surveys of 161 local nonprofit organizations from 7 Florida counties: Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole and Volusia. Churches, schools, colleges/ universities, hospitals and private non-operating foundations were excluded to prevent large organization skewing the data. The median operating budget is $1,222,312.

The report reveals some positive facets of the sector here in Central Florida:

  • The industry is showing growth.
  • The Nonprofit sector appears to be stable. Unfortunately, the nonprofit sector is often the last of economic sectors to recover after a recession.
  • Significant addition of professional jobs.
  • The size of organizations are growing.
  • Reported salaries have increased above the cost of living.
  • More retirement benefits are offered.

The report also reveals improvements still to be made:

  • Gender equality – Sixty-three percent of the participating organization’s executive directors are female; 37 percent are male. On average male CEO/EDs earn significantly higher pay than females.
  • Retention – Organizations reported 20% staff turnover of full time and part-time staff.
  • Providing a living wage – The report contains details on the compensation (base pay and total compensation) for 147 positions with several variables, including organizations’ annual expenses, field of service and total number of employees.

I’m not concerned that an average executive director is making $109,077. They work hard managing the entire organization fundraising, human resources, strategic planning, programs and representing the organization to the general public. I continue to be disturbed that for women the pay is less. For the female ED’s the pay 11% less than male counterpoints. Granted gender inequality is seen across all industries, but more needs to be done.

Thank you to Fairwinds Credit Union for sponsoring the report. This report is a useful tool for all nonprofits in the Central Florida area. To download your copy, visit the Edyth Bush Institute. It’s free! While there check out all the classes and workshops available. Also check out their Nonprofit Consultants Directory. I’m listed. Please call me if I can be of assistance to your nonprofit.


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