I’m a June Baby.

June has historically been my time for a personal annual review. For you, June might be the mid-year point in your strategic plan. Either way, June is a great time to reflect on where you are at professionally and personally.

smart-goalsI begin my annual review by going to a quiet space and give myself permission to get into a reflective frame of mind. I’m a make-a-plan and work-the-plan type of person. I have written down long-term and short-term goals in my planning tool kit. Personally, my vision for my future has several categories including physical and financial health, professional development, personal relationships and community connectiveness. Each of my categories have several goals and accomplishments that are broken down into tasks for my plan of action. Goals should be SMART as in Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time specific.

I begin by asking myself a few general questions. Am I happy with what I’ve accomplished so far during the past year? If I’m happy, great. Focus on what’s been working well and do more of that. If not, I ask how can I get back on track? I go over each goal and compare it to what I projected. Am I on track? Have I accomplished what I set out to do? Or am I woefully behind? Ouch! Were my written goals realistic? How can I improve on my action plan? What can I do differently to achieve my long-term goals? Not every goal was achieved last year. I might not have lost that 20lbs this, but I did walk the dog on a daily basis (actionable plan of increased activity), and decreased my sugar intake (translation – I ate less ice cream). I’m adding regular weigh training to my action plan as my birthday present to myself.

To finish my annual review, I write a note to myself a year from now. In the note, I tell myself how proud I am of my accomplishments. I give my future self permission to acknowledge that life is a journey with ebbs and flows. To finish, I pat myself on the back, and, as my reward, sit down to a (small) bowl of ice cream.

#nonprofitgladiator #actionplan #smartgoals

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