Giving USA 2016

The Giving Institute along with Giving USA Foundation, and the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy have published their comprehensive research on U.S. charitable giving., Giving USA 2017: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2016. Follow this link to learn more about the Giving Institute.

Giving USA is the main source for the nonprofit industry’s most reliable charitable giving information. They identify trends, provide great data and embrace the spirit for how Americans engage in making the world a better place.  This annual Giving USA report provides a scientific and disciplined approach to understanding philanthropy.

Highlights of the report for 2016:

$390.05 billion was donated to charities in the United States.

Giving by individuals was $282.86 billion which represents 72% of all giving.

Charitable giving from individuals, foundations and corporations all increased in 2016, while gifts by estates decreased sharply.

Giving to all nine major categories of recipient organizations grew, making 2016 just the sixth time in the past 40 years that this has occurred. The nine categories are religion; education; human services; giving to foundations; health; public-society benefit; arts, culture and humanities; international affairs; and environment and animals.

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