Reposition Yourself

Thank you to the amazing panelists this morning for a great discussion at the Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at Rollins College on How to Reposition Yourself: A Discussion for Current & Emerging Non-Profit Leaders. The panelist discussed what drives them and gave tips on how to be a better leader.


In the picture (L to R) Karen Willis, CEO at Early Learning Coalition of Orange County; Kyle Johnson, VP, Chief Sustainability Officer at Lighthouse Central Florida; Heather Wilkie, Executive Director at Zebra Coalition; Catherine McManus, President and CEO at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Orlando; and Anthony Sudler, Chief Development Officer at Nemours Children’s Hospital and the panel moderator, Margaret Linnane, Executive Director, Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership at Rollins College.


Some of the take-a-way highlights included:

Be in a constant learning mode.

Seek out those thought leaders and messages that may be contrary to what you already know.

Always look for substance versus sizzle.

Have a disposition for growth.

Have faith in yourself.

When confronted with an interview, think up 50 questions they might ask you and practice your answer, it will help you craft your answers no matter what they throw at you.

Busy doesn’t mean being productive.

A tip to strengthen relations between BOB members and staff: Conduct a 30 minute information session before the BOD meetings between the BOD and staff that dives deeper into programmatic and development issues.

It’s healthy to collaborate with other nonprofit it shows willingness to cross pollination.

As an employee, you are always an ambassador for your organization, on and off the clock.

Live authentic.

Build in work/life balance to combat burnout.

So many people get into the nonprofit sector to make a difference, but it isn’t all rainbow and unicorns.

#CrummerNP #nonprofitgladiator

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