Prospect Research JeoPARDY

IMG_0022The answer is Lauren Sylvester, Assistant Director of Prospect Management at the UCF Foundation, Audrey Wise, Coordinator of Prospect Development at the UCF Foundation, and Kathryne Janeiro, Prospect Develoment Specialist at the UCF Foundation.

The question is: Who were the panelist for today’s AFP Central Florida Chapter program?

Next answer is Kim Walz. The question is: who was the Host for today’s JeoPARDY game show? Well it wasn’t Alexis Tribecca.

Today’s AFP Central Florida’s monthly educational program was a clever question and answer information program on “Prospect Development: Actionable Insights” using a clever format based on America’s favorite game show, Jeopardy. Questions and answers covered the process of analyzing data to identify individuals and organizations who have the capacity, inclination and affinity to provide philanthropic support. The program covered how to put together a donor profile analysis, data mining and simple scoring of major gift prospect. The program handout included a sample toolkit of where to find giving research, wealth indications and professional biographical information.

The real winners where the audience members who came away with insight into prospect research.


#nonprofitgladiator #afpcentralflorida

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