AFP ICON APP downloaded!

AFP ICONThis isn’t your daddy’s conference. I just downloaded the app for the Association of Fundraising Professional’s International Conference. This app now on my iPhone is the one stop for all things AFP ICON. Designed by Double Dutch, this mobile app allows conference attendees to connect, grow community and have a little fun. Once downloaded, I personalized my profile by linking into my Linkedin and Twitter accounts. I then used the interactive features to see who is already up on the Leader board of those with the most active users. Wow! Jerry Garcia will be there. Wait. He must be there in spirit and will be at the 60’s themed “Summer of Love” after hours party on Monday, May 1. The Agenda section allows you to see all the sessions at once and choose which ones to add to your personalized agenda that can be exported into your google calendar. Wow! I’m not going to miss a session… and their all fabulous. The app even has a map of the convention center with rooms marked and one with the vendors’ area. Oh my! There is even games and special badges earned for posting pictures, checking into sections and such. I will be on the look out for those ACFRE’s to take a selfie and post with the #selfiewithACFRE. There are special prizes for those posts.

This is going to be so much fun. The conference app contest doesn’t officially start until 8AM April 28 when the first pre-conference workshop begins. Then let the games begin.

I’ll see you there. Watch out San Francisco. Here comes the Nonprofit Gladiator.

#nonprofitgladiator #afpicon2017 3

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